CAPSLE Membership Fees

Our memberships are offered on an annual basis, from January to December.
A new invoice is issued every following January to facilitate your renewal.

There are three types of CAPSLE memberships:

  1. Corporate - includes an unlimited amount of members employed by or on the board of the issuing organization or business
  2. Individual - gives one person access to the benefits of a CAPSLE membership
  3. Student - for one person currently enrolled in post-secondary education

The current fee structure for membership is the following:

Type1 Year (Jan-Dec)3 Years
Base Tax*   Base Tax* Savings
Corporate $275.00 + hst   $750.00 + hst $75.00
Individual $95.00 + hst   $250.00 + hst $35.00
Student $35.00 + hst   n/a - -
*HST will be calculated using the tax rate of the province listed on your mailing address.


Memberships are good for one full calendar year, JANUARY to DECEMBER.